Guitar Lessons Near 'Philadelphia'


5 out of 10 Reviews

My wife and i have been taking guitar classes from Rob for couple months now. I've always wanted to play a musical instrument but thought it was too late in... | Read More On...

Address: Penn Center, Philadelphia, PA, |

Bridgeset Sound

5 out of 15 Reviews

I just bought a sweet uke! My boyfriend and I stopped in the day before the 4th of July holiday to take a look at the instruments because I was considering... | Read More On...

Address: 710 South St, South Street District, Philadelphia, PA 19147 | +1-267-507-4350

The Classical Guitar Store

5 out of 6 Reviews

My son purchased a great classical guitar here in 2016 after being very well tended to by the manager and /or owner. We just got it restrung here & the... | Read More On...

Address: 2038 Sansom St, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103 | +1-215-567-2972

Ron Bennett Music

5 out of 1 Reviews

I've been going to Ron for guitar lessons for the last 9 months & highly recommend him. Before my first lesson, I never picked up a guitar & had no clue... | Read More On...

Address: 338 S 16th St, Ste 1, Rittenhouse SquarePhiladelphia, PA 19102 | +1-215-545-1489

Replay Music Lessons

5 out of 4 Reviews

I have 3 children, ages 8, 5, and 3, and I was excited to find a program that could accommodate all of them during the same time slot. Replay was an... | Read More On...

Address: 2012 Walnut St, Ste 2, Rittenhouse SquarePhiladelphia, PA 19103 | +1-610-220-5083

School of Rock Philadelphia

4.5 out of 6 Reviews

I was walking by the piazza and heard music that didn't suck... it was really great and fun... and then I saw one of the kids I tutor. School of Rock is... | Read More On...

Address: 421 N 7th St, Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA 19123 | +1-267-639-4007

Philly Music Academy

5 out of 3 Reviews

I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar brother and my dad are both musical geniuses and somehow I got left by the wayside. After... | Read More On...

Address: 1134 Pine St, Washington Square West, Philadelphia, PA 19107 | +1-215-880-7597

Philadelphia Guitar Instruction

1 out of 6 Reviews

By way of update: I signed up for lessons with Billy's company Philadelphia Guitar Instruction on 9/29/2013. I e-mailed him immediately after purchasing... | Read More On...

Address: Penn Center, Philadelphia, PA, |

Philly Music Lessons

5 out of 8 Reviews

I took banjo classes, and I just loved it. the teacher was great, they are very organize and the always try to fit your schedule or solve any kind problems. | Read More On...

Address: 2111 E Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, | +1-215-645-0405

Good Music Academy

4 out of 5 Reviews

Competent, personable, enthusiastic. Knowledgeable, fun, thoughtful, qualified, Understanding, organized, skilled, experienced. | Read More On...

Address: 4705 Baltimore Ave, Cedar Park, Philadelphia, PA 19143 | +1-215-260-5383

South Street Sounds

4.5 out of 16 Reviews

I already knew what I was looking for when I entered South Street Sounds. I was looking for an entry-level classical, nylon string, guitar plus a case and... | Read More On...

Address: 1531 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19176, | +1-215-732-8259

Bluebond Guitars

3.5 out of 23 Reviews

Freaking lifesavers Great setups great store great guitars and service I love em! Saved me many times! | Read More On...

Address: 511 S 4th St, Society Hill, Philadelphia, PA 19147 | +1-215-829-1690